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M.L. DiFrancesco

Certified Public Accountant

Since the mid 1980's, Mary Lou DiFrancesco and her staff have been offering accounting, auditing and tax services to businesses, non-profit and government agencies and individuals. As the needs of our clients have changed so has the scope of our services, Therefore, we also have developed consulting services in management, computer advice, personal and business finance.

In today's fast paced and constantly changing computer and technological environment, you can count on us to keep on top of the flow of new and innovative ideas to make it work right for you. Whether you direct, manage or own a business, you need to have experts in the field of accounting working for you to help move your business to where you want it to be. Whether you have rental properties or are managing a small investment portfolio for your future goals, our team will be there to help you with your important financial solutions.

We know, first hand, the rewards of achieving success. We've been building our own business with resources that provide a competitive edge. We are business people who know the needs of business.

Because of our experience and knowledge, we provide solutions. Because of the premium we place on client satisfaction, we pledge commitment, Because we work closely with you, we promise results.

Most importantly, we forge an alliance with you and emphasize an individualized approach to your accounting and tax needs. You will be provided a tailored solution from a business ally who takes a personal interest in your continuing success. Our professionals will be intimately involved with you. For us, CPA means more than Certified Public Accountant: it means close personal attention - both to your business and your personal financial needs.

We can play a pivotal role in helping your company achieve its maximum productivity and profitability now and into the future.

Our ultimate goal is always to help you achieve your growth objectives. We help you utilize sound solutions: a natural opportunity for you to win.

We invite you to explore ways in which we can contribute to your business, personal or organization's success.

Our clients gain the advantage of having CPA's who understand and are sensitive to the uniqueness of their business...

The result: excellence for them by providing a quality product at a fair price.



Address: Phone: (610) 345-3000
White Horse Farm  
West Grove, PA 19390 Email: CPA@whitehorsefarm.com
Certified Public Accountant

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